New Server / Couldn't Restore Backup
Well, we have moved to the new web host and worked out all of the kinks (I hope). Thank you for visiting DRD, so sorry that I wasn't able to restore from my backup, I had to do a fresh install for EVO.

I did contemplate on a fresh install or restore from backup, but since I could not restore that choice was taken from me. It is kind of the bad thing, but also kind of the good thing as well. This way I can now set the site up the way I wanted in the first place.

I wished I can save everyone's profile from the old database and transfer it over, so everyone doesn't have to re-registered again. But, I am not sure how I can do that. Anyway, the site is up now. I just have to put everything back to include the downloads. So, please be patient while I put everything back. Thank you.

Emerald Dragon

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