Sites being Consolidated and Combined!
Hope everyone doing well doing these COVID times. This past year has been a heck of a ride for me, I had been through a lot including COVID. But I am well now and ready to fight on.

Anyway, since there is not much going on with my Dragonfly CMS and there was not much of the traffic to the site. I am going to consolidates both EVO and DF into one and use EVO as my main base of operation. All the downloads will be transferred over here to EVO.

Oh, for DF members, not to worry I am still going to theme for DF still. It just having two different locations up and tracking it is not fun. So. I have decided to consolidated to one location. It just so happens that I am more active with EVO that is why I am using it as my frontend and main support location.

So, after today, you have been warn that I am consolidating. For DF Users, the location will move to this location once everything finished. If you did registered, you will need to re-register yourself again here for support and downloads. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I have to consolidates my site. Thank you for your patient.

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 Forums revamped and updated!
As of today! Dragon Realms Designs' Forums has been revamped and updated. Some of the forums had been deleted, since they seems to served much purpose to the site.

I also have added "LINK" instead to the forums. There are two different categories that I have added. First is the "Games I Played" and then the other was "EVO Related Sites".

With the "Games I Played", you can come and join me and have fun in the game. OH, just in case you wants to know what my username is in the game, of course, it's "EmeraldDragon". As far as "EVO Related Sites", you knows how that goes, we have to support our community and advertise, advertise, advertise....

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 Working on getting ''Store'' ONLINE!
I am in the process of trying to open my online store, so I can starts bringing everyone my "Premium Theme". Currently the only way to do it is manually create a static "Store" HTML page displaying the themes. Once you have purchased the theme, then I have to manually send it to you (to download). It is now online and operational. Hopefully it will works well in the meanwhile.

Hopefully Lonestar can get his Shopify done soon, so I can starts using it. Since, it will be an internal "Shopping Cart" system inside EVO. I rather not use another shopping cart, because everyone will have to re-registered themselves again twice to just make a purchase.

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 New looks to the themes
Since I have been back from being sick. I have been working hard in getting the themes ready for releases. I am currently working on the new looks for the themes. It is a lot more nicer looking than before. I will continue to make updates to the theme to make it look a lot better and better.

Currently working on the current themes that I was working on (Responsive Themes). I will also starts working on the Regular Themes too. Responsive Themes will be Premium Theme Releases, and Regular Themes will be for FREE Releases.

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 Minimize/Maximize Features
At Dragon Realms Designs, you can now minimize the blocks as needed via Menu Title. I was able to figured out how to turn on minimize/maximize features for the site.

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 Personal Requested Theme: Call of Duty: World at War Theme
Just finished Call of Duty: World at War Theme for Grmm. (Per his requests) It is a simple standard theme. Dark basic tone color with black background and white fonts.

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 Mafia City Theme
The latest theme that I am working on is Mafia City just started the other day. Thanks to CoRpSE that inspired me to do the theme, because of his Mafia City Tips I& Tricks Beginners Guide Site.

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 Thank you Megaboost
I would like to formally thanks Megaboost for making me my personal Avatar, Signature & Ranks package. It looks very cool, I loved it. Thanks for your hard work in getting it done for me.

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 NEXT PROJECT: Wild West Theme
This is the draft of the next project Theme I am looking into getting it out after I am done with the Hive Theme. It's the Wild West style by FanFanlaTuFlippe. It will be done with a different header modification than the original author intend, since the original header was very big combine. I am using part of the header as the footer instead.

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 New Avatars for the site!
Got some new avatars for the site, thanks to Maga's Portal and Megaboost for providing these avatars images. I also got rid of the default avatars, not really like them much anyway. I like specific ones for default avatar for the site.

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