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EmeraldDragon PostPosted: Thu Dec 03, 2020 2:46 pm
Owner Statement.

Here at Dragon Realms Designs™, we aim to build a strong sense of community. We certainly intend to keep It around for the foreseeable future.

(1). General Website Forum Rules and Code of Conduct.

(a). Forum participation, while not mandatory is encouraged. If you lack source for posting content, please at least say thanks or comment on posts by contributors. This website has a forum VIP section. In order to gain access to this section you must participate in the forum. Member participation will be looked at from time to time and VIP status will be given to those who contribute to the forum in any way on a regular basis for an extended period of time.

(b). No personal attacks on other members or attacks based on race, gender, religion or sexual orientation.

(c). Multiple accounts with the same IP address are prohibited. If you and another member share an IP address due to living in the same house/apartment (or a similar situation), please contact Admin so they can make an exception for you. Any member who lies to get such an exception will be banned.

(d). If you dislike a particular piece of work, please do not comment (especially if you intend to cause trouble). This is known as trolling and is unacceptable. Violators will be warned and repeat offenders will be banned.

(e). If you do post someone else work please credit the work to it's rightful owner. Avoid taking credit for other people's work, not only is this disrespectful but it will also get you banned.

(f). If you downloads theme from Dragon Realms Designs™ to use elsewhere, please do not remove copyrights or credits from the theme.

(g). We are an English Speaking Community, So please use English when posting. If English isn't your first language, Don't Worry! just do your best.

(h). We Do Not allow Hot-Linking from other websites. If you have to post an Image, we encourage you to use our Internal Image Hosting Repository system but you can still use ImageHosts from external source, but only the ones from the below approved list.

Approved External ImageHosts.
imgur (GIFs only)

Any images hosted from any other hosts will be deleted.

Approved External Filehosts.

(i). Spam
Advertising your website is allowed but only if it is put in the correct forum section and will only be allowed if it is not related to, or solely for the purpose of Porn, Profit or Shopping. One external link in your signature is also permitted, provided that it does not link to porn, profit, or shopping sites.

(j). Bumping Posts
Do not comment on any content thread in which the last post was made over six months ago. This is known as bumping. The only exception is if you are adding new material. Breaking this rule will elicit a warning and repeated offenses will result in a ban.

(k). Requests
* You must post theme request in the "Theme Requests" Forum.
* Please Include, as precise as you can be, what you are requesting, i.e. Color, style, Dark, light, etc.
* If you have any content (IE: Images, etc.) also provides them via your requests.
* Bumping your own request is not allowed, and will not get your theme done faster.
* Requests that violate any of our forum rules will be deleted. You may not request for content to be sent via e-mail.

The Owner/Webmaster/Admins, will not be held responsible for subject matter posted by any member here at Dragon Realms Designs™. If you are the Original Copyright Holder and you wish for the removal of your work, Please Contact an Admin with your request and proof of Copyright and we will remove it as soon as possible.

The Owner/Webmaster/Admin, reserves the right to change the Rules at any given time.

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