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Nuke Evolution Xtreme 
Description: [NEX] is what drives this Content Management System (CMS). Lonestar is the Author of this CMS. This CMS is based of (Fork) PHP-Nuke.
Added on: 09-Dec-2020 Hits: 264
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Category: Nuke Evolution

TradeWar 2002 at Starbase 21 
Description: Multiple TradersWar 2002 games for this site. You can play all of them. There is a time limit per session thou.
Added on: 12-Aug-2021 Hits: 89
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Category: Gaming/TradersWar 2002

TradeWar 2002 at prohakr 
Description: A single TradeWar 2002 game. This game is unmonitored. If it is having issues, please email so that we may fix it. Some users will access it via TELNET port 23 at and will not be able to get this message so please, for the community- reach out so it can get fixed and people won't lose turns or even worse! ;)
Added on: 12-Aug-2021 Hits: 83
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Category: Gaming/TradersWar 2002

Global Core Gamers 
Description: We are a Global Community with 14 years of experience in gaming. We just love the fun of the game, whether you are a good player or not. We used to be a competitive gaming squad years gone by but now just game for fun. Our minimum age for joining is 21+
Added on: 12-Aug-2021 Hits: 47
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Category: Gaming